Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday September 22

Yesterday Destino had a small lump removed from his back. He's had it since I got him. I just thought it was a little owie that would heal over time, but it never went away. It was about the size of a penny, right in the middle of his spine, right where I sit. I talked it over with my vet a couple of months ago and he said that he would remove it in the fall, when I wasn't riding him so often. He'll need a few weeks rest.

WOW! He cut it off. Hubby said he cut about the size of a silver dollar off, then sewed it back up. I guess he cut open the lump and some clear stuff leaked out and it was full of hair. The vet is going to send it off for testing to be sure it's not cancer. What!? Destino is only 2! I pray it's not cancerous. He doesn't have anything else like that anywhere else, I've checked him over thoroughly.

He is pretty sore today. His back is all swollen and tight. I put some Geranium oil on it. It's an antibacterial. Poor Guy!

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