Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As Promised!

Better pictures of Destino and Annabelle =)

Aren't they cute together?

I love this one with his ear cocked at Annabelle.

"Hello beautiful."
This one is so cute! They both stood so well at the end of their lead ropes...

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Video...

Every time we go into the round pen, Destino has to lay down and roll. He has to. It's almost impossible for him to pay attention if he isn't allowed his roll. Thank goodness he doesn't feel so strongly about rolling when we are out on the trails. That could get way too exciting!

I got some new blue barrels. He hasn't decided if he likes them yet. When we go one direction he will just push one of the barrels out of his way, so he can go through. Then when we go the other direction he'll jump with a little encouragement =) He is so funny! And way too smart sometimes...

He is so good about going in the trailer. Once he's in, I ask him to back up, when he gets close to the drop off, I touch his rear with my hand. That's his signal to step down. You'll see in the video. It's pretty neat! He is so calm about it, I can stop him half way out! He'll just stand there and stand there. I love how controlled he is when loading and unloading.

Here's what we've been up to...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Destino Has A New Friend!

Look what Destino got... A pony!

She is a little miniature mare that my Grandma had. She used to be a driving horse, but had an accident in the cart and is now un-useable for driving. She has been in with big horses most of her life, so we thought she would be able to hold her own with bossy old Destino and so far so good! I think it works great that she is a mare. He thinks she is wonderful. Unless I'm out there then he spends his time keeping her away from me. But he isn't too mean, just a bit bossy, so I think it will work out well. It's a win-win for both Destino and AnnaBelle =)

I"ll get better pictures soon. I didn't think about it until this evening and got these through the window =) But they look content don't they?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The other day I wanted to Play with Destino, but wasn't feeling well, coming down with a darn cold... so I was a little lazy. I decided to just go into his area with my stick (it's pink!) and play a little. I left the gate open out into the pasture, if he wanted to leave he could.

He met me at the gate, of course. I played Friendly Game with him, then stepped back and asked him to circle me. The Circle Game isn't his favorite. But he went around once, then looked at me and headed for the gate. I waited, he walked through the gate, immediately disengaged and looked at me. I obviously wasn't going to follow him, so he came back to me. I patted him and then asked him to circle me again. He went around at a nice walk two times with his ear on me. I asked him to disengage and back a few steps, then more Friendly Game, then I asked him to circle me in the other direction. He made it half way around then headed for the gate, went through and immediately disengaged again, saw I wasn't following him, and came back to me. I told him "Good Boy" and petted and petted him. Followed by some more Friendly Game. Then I asked him to circle me again and he did! Two whole circles, I disengaged him and told him "Good Boy!"

We were in the middle of his huge pen at this point. He was facing me and behind him a ways was the gate out into the pasture. So I pointed my stick at his feet, swayed it back and forth and did the YoYo Game, back and straight out the gate. I asked him stop once his body was through the gate and then asked him to come back to me. He did it all perfectly. AND during this time a friend of mine and her little girl were riding their horses down our driveway! I stood in the middle of his pen, with him beside me and whenever he would take a step forward I would ask him to back up and stand with me. He did this perfectly until they rode right up to his fence. And even then he didn't break from me to go visit the new comers!

What a wonderful feeling it is to have such an awesome relationship with him! I love the fact that he always wants to be with me. He is drawn to me and that is something that I can't explain with words. It leaves me grinning from ear to ear and feeling like we really accomplish something whenever I work with him!

Sigh, now if only I could train my Hubby so well =)
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