Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hubby and I drove over to check on Destino last week. He had been at the Ranch for 3 days and I wanted to see how he was settling in. He wasn't in the corral that I had put him in. He had met most of the horses over the fence and my Friend thought it was time to let him out.

She told us that the big horses were all gathered at the fence. Destino dove right through them and made a bee line for the mini horses. There are about 35- 40 mini horses out there. He ran straight up to them, then they started running and they had a big run fest for a little while.

When we got there Destino was still hanging out with the minis. It's a pretty funny picture to see a 15 hand Andalusian with all those little guys hanging out around and under his tummy.

I called his name and he came right to me. He had somehow made it across the big creek that runs through the 80 acres. They have a bridge and I have a feeling that he tip toed across it to get to the other side. His feet were not wet or muddy. I'm hoping that there will come a time that he is comfortable crossing water. My Friend says that it gets pretty sloppy around there whenever it warms up, so I'm thinking he won't be able to keep his feet clean ;)

He was relieved to see me, he kept pushing his face against me chest and followed me everywhere like a huge shadow. I went around and scratched some of the minis, the ones that I knew, introducing Destino to them. (My Friend bought quite a few of her minis from me and Destino had met most of them at one time or another on my farm.) By the time I left he had a little friend, Stormy was a mini that I knew, she had belonged to some other mini Friends of mine. She decided that Destino was alright and was shadowing him when Hubby and I left.

I'm thinking I'll head on over there today to see him as well. I'm crossing my fingers that he still remembers me! (I'm going to take a pocket full of treats and his favorite brush to joggle his memory...) I promise I'll take some pictures while I'm there!

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