Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Video...

Every time we go into the round pen, Destino has to lay down and roll. He has to. It's almost impossible for him to pay attention if he isn't allowed his roll. Thank goodness he doesn't feel so strongly about rolling when we are out on the trails. That could get way too exciting!

I got some new blue barrels. He hasn't decided if he likes them yet. When we go one direction he will just push one of the barrels out of his way, so he can go through. Then when we go the other direction he'll jump with a little encouragement =) He is so funny! And way too smart sometimes...

He is so good about going in the trailer. Once he's in, I ask him to back up, when he gets close to the drop off, I touch his rear with my hand. That's his signal to step down. You'll see in the video. It's pretty neat! He is so calm about it, I can stop him half way out! He'll just stand there and stand there. I love how controlled he is when loading and unloading.

Here's what we've been up to...



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  1. I love the video! His whole pushing the barrel thing is very hilarious! I also loved watching him over the bridge, how he pawed and pawed before he would actually cross it :) I'm glad that Moo's poor little pony has a purpose now and that Destino has somebody to hang with. Too bad SHE isn't the bossy one, huh? Love you!


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