Thursday, April 23, 2009


Training a horse is hard.

Sometimes I come into the house after playing with Destino and I'm on Cloud 9. We played so well together, working in sync with each other, practically dancing with each other. Moving with grace and beauty.

Then some days I come in the house and feel terrible! I feel like we took three HUGE steps backwards. I feel like he pushed me all over the place and didn't work in partnership with me at all. I feel like we worked and didn't play.

Today is one of the work days. Sigh...

Tomorrow I think I'm going to take Destino to Blue Mountain and go hiking. I think we both need a change of scenery. I know I'm bored! I'm pretty sure he's acting out because he's bored too.

He was just so grumpy today. I'm feeling so grumpy tonight. I must snap out of it!

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