Sunday, April 26, 2009

To Dominate...

Oh this dominance issue! It's totally exhausting. Destino is constantly challenging me. If I am standing by his fence, he is trying to bite me. If I am leading him down the trail, he is trying to boss me. (By the way,we had a wonderful time hiking up at Blue Mountain last week! It was so pretty up there. I look forward to many more hikes and many, many rides up there in the years to come. Hopefully minus the whole "Who is the Boss" issue.) He bosses the chickens, he bosses his balls, he bosses the fences. Really it's getting ridiculous!

It is nearly impossible for me to stand and talk with someone, while holding him. He is HORRIBLE! I really need help with this issue and hope there is someone out there who will help us! The problem is, we would really benefit from a Parelli clinic, but can not afford that. The Play Days are all I can afford and only one a month. At the last one Ethan noticed our Domination problem... well EVERYONE noticed our problem =) Ethan helped me with him. I'm supposed to work on him backing up and moving his forehand. He does both of these things well. He is light and easy to move, but he figets CONSTANTLY and is always pushing into my space. I stand with my back to him and use my stick to keep him back but I am nearly always tapping him, whacking him or popping him with it. I swing the end of my rope, if he happens to stick his nose in my space, it will get popped by the end of the rope.


There is NOTHING fun about working with Destino anymore. The fun has drained out these last 3 or 4 days. I don't think he has fun and I KNOW that I don't. There is no play and certainly nothing beautiful or graceful in what we are doing. I know it's not working, but just don't know what else to do with him!


He must be too. Sigh... Hopefully the next post will be wonderful! Full of good things, moving forward things and happy, happy thoughts!!


  1. Maybe Leah can help Destino to gain a little perspective! She'll boss him around--she's good at that. She will probably kick the crap out of him! Keep on keepin' on. He'll come around. When did you get him gelded? Maybe he's still feeling a little "studly," do you suppose?
    Aunt D

  2. Oh man are the hormones raging!! Poor Destino. I can't WAIT for Leah to teach him some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! How fun will that be?? Hee hee haw haw haaaaaa! (That's my evil laugh... just in case it was hard to tell! LOL)


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