Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to the Woods!

We made it back to the woods yesterday! We had a blast up there. The boys and Hubby played on the Fitness Trail and Destino and I hiked and hiked.

We played lots of games. I haven't had a chance to play with Destino for a few weeks, so we had a little re-fresher course. He did great!

This time Angus came along. He was such a good little dog. He was either just behind Destino or trotting the trail in front of me. When I would stop to jump Destino over downed trees, or just play a game with him, Angus would sit down and watch from a safe distance away. He's such a smart little guy!

We saw quail, pigeons, deer, people walking on the trail and a few other horses. Destino took it all in stride. When Angus flushed the quail, my heart jumped into my throat at all the racket, but Destino didn't even miss a stride. And he wasn't so focused on eating either. He spent more time looking around at the scenery. It was a great day!

Onto the pictures...

Here's the trail we chose. It looks a lot like the other one we hike in the photo, but the terrain is different. On this trail you actually have to climb =) It's good for both Destino and myself...

Here is the beginning of our hike. Look at me up there!! Destino is so grown up =) I get on him off and on through out the hike. Each time he doesn't seem to mind it a bit.

Here's a picture of him on the trail.

And hereeee's Angus! He is such a fun little hiking buddy. He's just so happy all the time.

And here we are again! This is at the end of the hike. He was so good here that I actually walked him around in a circle!! I tried to get Craig to help direct him across the parking lot, but he wouldn't so I hopped off. I *think* we could have done it but don't want to until I KNOW we can =)

The End!

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