Monday, July 27, 2009

The Event

My Mom and I made the 3 hour trip up north on Friday to witness "The Event" and all I can say is WOW!! Rebecca Farms is an absolutely gorgeous place to be. As far as the eye could see were rolling hills, green grass and AMAZING jumps. The eye candy was by far the many many beeeeeautiful horses being ridden, being lead around, being jumped and doing dressage. It was just simply amazing. I can't wait to go back and hope that I can be so lucky next year. And as usual, I took LOTS of pictures. 250 to be exact. BUT I'll just show you a few =) Don't want to bore you or anything!!

Onto the show...
This is the second jump in the Training Level cross country course.

I'm not sure what number the jump above and below in the next two photos was, but it was somewhere in the middle.
What a handsome horse the above one is. He looks like an Irish Draft of some kind. Very steady...

A water jump! How fun!!

This jump was like a table. Not only was it about 5 feet tall, it was about 4 feet across!! Holy Moly!!

The above horse has a cute, curly mane. She must have competed in dressage before she ran this course =)

I love this appy! What a pretty jumper it was too!

I love this angle. I was enjoying getting the really close, close-ups.

A tail flip!

Oh, I just LOVED this big gray horse. His name had the word Granite in it. I think he is an Irish Draft as well. So steady and such a careful jumper he was.

I love this angle. I got some of my best shots here!

I believe the above horse's name was "In It To Win It". Love it!!

Here was the dressage. Such pretty horses. These same horses were the ones jumping the cross country course. In a three day event, dressage, cross country jumping and stadium jumping are all done by the same horse and rider. It's quite a test of athletic ability and communication.

I hope you enjoyed the photo show! If you live close by, you NEED to go to Rebecca Farms when they have "The Event" next year. Beautiful!!

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