Monday, July 20, 2009


Today Mom and I rode our boys! About 6 weeks ago, Mom got a big, handsome, white, Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. He hadn't been fed enough and one could see all his ribs and hip bones... poor boy. Here are a few photos of him when we got him;

And here are the photos from today! We don't believe he has been ridden in about 4 years. He was pretty good! It felt a lot like riding a young, green horse. He has the most amazing walk. WOW!!

He has been out on green grass or in his pen with hay 24/7. He has just started getting grain about 2 weeks ago. I think he is looking wonderful!

AND I rode Destino! He did great, just as I thought he would. He didn't understand walking off without a little help. It's the cutest thing seeing a 1,000 pound horse needing to follow a 4 foot tall, 8 year old boy =) So cute!!

So that was our day on the farm! Pretty exciting =)

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