Monday, May 18, 2009


Destino got to go out with my Mom's Haflinger today. We put them in a nice big, green pasture and they hung out for a few hours. He hasn't been in with another horse for a very long time. He definitely doesn't know horse language and misreads things. But Marley will teach him. She put it to him a few times, only when he deserved it though =)

I watched her sidle up to him, to share a little groom time. She reached up over his back (it's quite a reach for her!) and started to scratch his wither area. He reached down and nipped her hind leg. She squealed and kicked at him and off he went! It will be interesting watching Marley teach him about horses and how they communicate.

I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow.

Oh! And I think Destino will help get Marley in shape. He had her running and trotting around the pasture for a pretty long time, at least for her. He wanted to keep going, but she had had enough and "needed" to eat. He ran around her for a little longer, then gave up and started eating too.


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