Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yes, We Can Do It...

We took Destino to the Missoula Equestrian Park this weekend and we had a BLAST! We played on the cross country jump course, not that I had him jump anything. Once in a while he would get excited and leap across the log instead of step across and as you'll see in one of the photos below he got all fired up and LEAPED off a little hill that was part of a HUGE jump. I stood up there on that jump and thought... "I will never ride him over this jump. I would DIE." LOL

He was such a good boy and even played with Hubby (who is not a horse person) a little bit so I could get a few of the shots that I wanted =)

On with the picture show!

Here he is just after we unloaded. He's taking a look around.

We wandered down the hill and walked across this "bridge".

Here is the HUGE jump that I was talking about. I had a great time driving him up over it from the side. It was WAAAY to high to have him go up the front. He is still just a baby!!
(Please ignore my ginormous hiney... lol)

Just look at his face! He was having a BLAST! I was having a pretty good time myself, as is evident in the big goofy grin on my face =)

Hmmm Mmmh. He was having a really good time...

Here he is after I asked him to "hide his hiney". Pretty!

This is when Hubby had him. He was all sweaty from playing on the cross country course and "needed" a roll in the sand...


A nice side shot. I needed a new one. The one I had from last year, he was MAJORLY butt high. He's looking really good! Remember, he isn't quite two yet!

A happy boy...

And here he is just before we loaded to come home. He has gotten so tall that I had to make him a head "bumper" so he doesn't hurt himself on the roof of the trailer! Isn't it cute? I tie it onto his halter with turquoise ribbon. It was all I had laying around!

The next post I'll show you his mama and daddy. Whoo hoo are they a nice couple!!

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