Friday, May 8, 2009

Destino's Growing Up!

Destino is looking so grown up! Well except for his little bit of butt-high-ness. Just look at him in his bareback pad! I got this from my saddle maker friend Ray Vierra. I built him a website (click here to see it!) and in exchange he made me this pad! I am SO lucky. I couldn't afford one this nice otherwise...

He didn't even care when I put it up there and didn't move a foot when I cinched it up! He's such a wonderful boy!!

"What is this thing? I wonder what it tastes like..."

Doesn't he look so proud? What a handsome fella he is =) And as for the butt-high-ness, to be fair, he is standing a little downhill. It only accentuates his hiney =)

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  1. Hi! He looks absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe he is already so shed off. Of course, he is yours and I know how you LOOOOOVE grooming, so I shouldn't be surprised. How are you feeling about his training? Is it going better? Are you still feeling quite so frustrated? I was feeling how frustrated you were when I read your post and was sorry that the fun was gone for at least that time. Hope the fun is back! Love you!


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